Content Group Africa


The Pearl of the Nile can once again flourish as it has through the course of history. The town of Jinja is
situated in Uganda and located at the heart of the Nile. The region is characterized by entrepreneurialism
and new settlements. The Nile at Jinja has for various settlers been the source of trade and prosperity.
Content Group Africa will seek to establish a production house in Jinja and be part of history.


• Develop the creativity and strengthen the filmproduction and the audiovisual industry in the Jinja region.

• Stimulate the spirit of enterprise and increase the awareness of the region.

• Stimulate creativity and the use of film, video and other audiovisual means.


• Attract local and international audiovisual productions (feature films, TV-series, music videos, commercials, corporate videos etc).

• Facilitate and create job opportunities in the region.

Exchange program

The Swedish municipality Skellefteå has since early 2008 been engaged in an exchange program with Jinja.
The parties have agreed on a cultural and informative exchange for democracy, children’s rights and gender equality. The program also includes infrastructural implementations.